Hey there! It's Chelse.

I am so excited that you are here!


I am a midwest lifestyle photographer located in Des Moines, IA and Omaha, NE. How can I be in two spots? I lived in Omaha for 15+ years of my life and that is where my business started and will ALWAYS remain. I recently moved to Des Moines to be closer to my parents as my Dads job took them there. I am a HUGE family person and love to have my family close, so my husband and I decided Des Moines was the place for us. Most of our friends and Bryces family is in Omaha still so we tend to travel back most weekends.



I got into photography by accident actually. My mom was a photographer and so was her best friend so cameras were always around me growing up. One day, I decided to pick my moms camera up and see what all the hype was about. My friend and I went over to downtown Elkhorn and messed around as I took photos of her. "This is kinda fun!" I thought to myself. My friend than decided to post some of the photos onto her instagram and people started to reach out. I decided to do it as a hobby and really found a love for creating and meeting all kinds of different people. I have always been the more creative type but I was also going to school for business and thought FOR SURE I would be working in the corporate world. As I was in college, I realized that photography was truly what I wanted to put my heart and soul into. In the last 4 years of being a photographer I found out that when I was behind a camera I was truly myself. I could be having the worst day or feel super sick but put me behind a camera and all that goes away. It became my escape. I decided to take my photography business full-time out of college last year.  It was the greatest decision of my life because I feel like I am never working. 

I love to be around my friends and family. I have been so blessed with the people that I have surrounded myself with and I really can't complain. I got married in October 2019 to my middle school crush. We reconnected in a class at UNO where he came into the room and sat next to me and said "remember me?" We haven't gone a day without talking since and we get married in October. I also am a HUGE dog lover. My husband and I have two pups together, Bentley who is a seven year old Yorkie with a personality bigger than him. And Bluey who we adopted, he is two and is a Shih-zhu who is genuinely the most hilarious dog ever. We spend most of our down time laughing at little things they do. I love to adventure and have conversations with people. I think that is a big part of why I love my job so much, I constantly get to adventure and just meet clients who soon become some of my greatest friends.