How do I get the photos?

You will get the professionally edited images on an online gallery where you can download, favorite, and share the images.

Do I get ALL the photos?

Yes, I obviously don't deliver the ones that you are blinking in, are blurry, or any unflattering images but I do not withhold images. The price you pay upfront is for all the edited images.

How long until photos are delivered?

 I strive to make my turnaround time as quick as possible. The longest it would take for you to get your images is 6 weeks. Most of my turnarounds are 2 weeks or sooner. 

I live in a different state, how do I book you here?

I do travel, if you would like to book me outside of Des Moines or Omaha I do charge a travel fee. Reach out and I will give you a quote of the price based on where you are.

Is there a print shop?

YES, you will get access to my print shop with your gallery. 


Do I have to print from the print shop?

I don't require you to print from my shop. I do give printing rights. Although, it does help my small business when you buy prints from my shop.